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Performance Consulting & Training

Although the term “training and development” is still widely used, the emphasis is now on Performance Outcomes.   No longer is it enough to just offer training courses.  Organizations want a “return on investment” for training and a resulting improvement in business performance.  This requires a more, strategic approach to developing an organization’s human resource.

It starts with an understanding of the short and long term “business goals” of the organization.  (Note: the term business goal is applicable to not-for profit and government entities as their “business” is to serve citizens or their clientele) 

Next, an analysis can take place of the skills and talents needed to achieve these organizational goals.  Once the performance requirements are known, plans can be made to gain the necessary skills and abilities.  In many cases, an organization will need to start developing skills that aren’t required now but will be in the future.

The approaches to building, acquiring and retaining this talent may take a variety of forms from formal courses to mentoring to cross functional assignments, etc.  Training is most effective when the participants see a link to their role, are able to apply the learning back on the job and see a “reward” for using the new skills and knowledge. This requires that the performance management system also supports the desired performance. 

And finally, the role of the supervisor is key in coaching, reinforcing and, in some cases, correcting the employee on their use of the new skills acquired in the training.

The Lieder Consulting Group offers the following products and services:

  • Needs Assessments both individually and organizationally
  • Design of a Plan for developing the needed skills
  • Design & delivery of a wide range of courses 
  • Train the Trainer programs
  • Coaching and mentoring programs
  • Developing a strategic HRM-HRD function



  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Developing Effective Presentation Skills

  • Effective Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals

  • Leadership Skills To Influence And Inspire Others

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback


  • Increasing Brain Power

  • Communication Skills for Today’s Manager

  • Facilitating Workplace Conflict

  • Interviewing Skills – For Interviewers

  • Interviewing Skills – For Interviewees

  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills:

    •  General

    •  Technical staff

  • Understanding Your Personal Style

  • Train the Trainer


  • Strategic Planning

  • Managing Organizational Complexity

  • Project Management to Effectively Delegate

  • Information Overload

  • Managing In A Downsizing Environment – Dealing With Survival Guilt

  • Moving from an Operational Manager to a Strategic Leader

  • Managing Chaos: Manage your priorities and make decisions!


  • Leadership and The High Performing Team
  • Creating High-Performing “Business” Units
  • Succeeding As a New Supervisor
  • Coaching your New Supervisor to Succeed
  • Facilitation Skills for Leaders
  • Leading Positive Change In Complex Organizations
  • Critical Thinking: Strategies for Creating New Possibilities
  • Mastering Organizational Politics, Influence and Alliances
  • Leadership Skills for the Non Supervisor
  • Managing Organizational Complexity – Executive Overview
  • Moving from an Operational Manager to a Strategic Leader
  • Individualized Coaching for Leadership Development


  • Developing a Balanced Scorecard

  • Process/Policy Redesign

  • Jumpstart for new teams