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Strategic HRM-HRD

The Lieder Consulting Group focuses on the HRM executive who is ready to take a more active role in creating and influencing their organization’s strategic direction. We can provide information and research data to help you education your organization on the strategic value of effective people management.

Our approach blends, and brings into balance, the best of HRM strategic management with day-to-day operations.  We provide tools and methods that help position HRM at the executive table.

Unlike many HR consulting firms that focus on only one aspect of HR, our group provides a unique, total system of HR practices methodology that creates synergy between operational and strategic leverage areas.  By integrating these approaches into the organization’s strategy and goals, HRM adds value and enhances business performance and success.

We can help you meet the following challenges:

Ø      When business has a downturn, HRM tends to lose resources…have you designed an HRM strategy that links to the business plan and shows your strategic value?

Ø      HRM is in a unique position to see the whole organization system and provide important insights for the organization’s future success…how will you get the executive team to acknowledge this role?

Ø      More organizations would like to move from “good to great”…do you know what strategic part you play and how to make the compelling case?

The Lieder Consulting Group offers the following products and services:

  •  Development of an HRM and HRD Scorecard

  • Training to increase HR’s skill and knowledge about business strategy

  • Increase your ability to facilitate strategy and contribute to your organization’s success

  • Models that demonstrate the value add of linking HRM strategies to organization goals

  • Methods for aligning HRM practices and structures to blend the operation and strategic

  • HR policy manuals and handbooks that support your organization's culture

  • Information and research to educate your executive team on the value of effective people management