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Assessments & Surveys

As organizations become more complex, it becomes challenging to accurately measure their effectiveness. Organizations need clear and timely information to know how they are performing against their strategies and objectives. It is not enough to know how they are performing on the financial measures, they also need to assess their internal performance on both individual (managerial) and organizational (systemic) levels.

Organizational assessments such as climate and employee attitude surveys provide valuable feedback and when coupled with an effective plan for change, can ensure organizations achieve their goals and vision.

Individual assessments provide valuable information regarding general competencies such as communication and leadership and specific position competencies that also impact the overall performance of the organization. There are a wide range of individual and organizational assessments available to help with this important task.

Assessment techniques include surveys, interviews, focus groups, and document and process analysis. Many types of surveys can now be administered via the internet, simplifying and speeding the process while also reducing costs.

The Lieder Consulting Group offers the following products and services:

  • Surveys

o       Organization climate/culture/employee morale

o        Change readiness

o        Individual, team and organizational effectiveness

o        Customer satisfaction

o        Job analysis

o        HR strategy

  • Tools and methods

o    Assessment Centers

o        Personal Style instruments (eg MBTI, DiSC, FIRO, SDI)

o        360 Feedback Administration and interpretation

o        Interviews and Focus Groups

o        Document, process, structure and job analysis

o        Benchmarking against industry best practices