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Change Management

Most organizations are involved in some form of change on a continual basis.  These changes can range from large scale efforts such as mergers and acquisitions, information systems conversions, restructuring or new product launches to smaller projects such as department team changes, job restructuring, facility moves, etc.

Change may be a constant in many organizations and seem like it is more acceptable, yet people are affected and everyone reacts differently.  Organizations need to actively plan and manage the change effort to ensure desired results are actually achieved. A review of most change efforts shows that much of the resistance and stress could have been avoided and the goals reached more quickly with better planning and implementation.

Well-structured plans identify both the factors for success and potential areas of resistance. This planning process should occur for any size change effort, as individuals and processes are always impacted in some way.

Whenever there is a move from a current situation to something different, it is important to address the following elements:

  • Vision of the new situation

  • Metrics to determine if expected outcomes are being achieved

  • Descriptions of new roles and expectations

  • Performance Management system that rewards new behavior

  • Communication plan

  • Education/training plan

  • Overall implementation plan with dates/responsibilities

The Lieder Consulting Group offers the following products and services:

  • Models of successful change efforts (small to large scale)

  • Design and facilitation of change plans

  • Coaching of the Change implementation team

  • Large Scale interventions that engage the “total system” impacted

  • Use of Appreciative Inquiry to envision a desired future state