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Competency Modeling

Successful organizations understand the human factors that make them so successful. By focusing on the behaviors exhibited by the organizations’ most exceptional performers, Competency Models provide definitions of the knowledge, skills and abilities that make these performers so effective.

Competency models are essential for an integrated human resources system, providing the organization with a common language and fact-based criteria on which to base its hiring and selection, orientation, development, succession planning, performance management and assessment systems.

Competency models can be Job Specific or General:

  • Job Specific: restricted to particular jobs or groups, i.e., Controller or Accounting

  • General: transverse the entire organization, such as leadership skills required of all organizational leaders or core competencies for all employees  

Generic competency models are available or Custom models can be developed to reflect an organizations’ culture and support its strategic plan and objectives.

Competency Modeling Process:

The Lieder Consulting Group follows rigorous, industry-accepted procedures to develop legally valid, custom competency models for its clients.

Text Box: Structured interviews with high performers
Text Box: Data analysis & develop draft model
Text Box: Administer validation survey
Text Box: Finalize & implement model





Benefits of competency modeling include:

§      Selection

o       Attracting and retaining high quality talent

o       Identifying interview and hiring criteria

§      Performance Management

o       Establishing and defining behavior-based expectations and measurable standards for job performance;

§      Training

o       Building a curriculum that supports work force development and more closely targets the expected outcomes from training

§      Career Development/Succession Planning

o       Establishing career paths for professional development

o       Align succession plan with business strategy.

§      Business Results

o       Increasing revenue, profitability, and shareholder returns.

o       Improving employee and customer satisfaction.

The Azure Group offers the following products and services:

§         Custom Competency Models

§         Design and facilitate competency model implementation

§         Competency-based HR system design