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Leadership Development

Numerous studies show how effective leadership is essential to the success of the organization. Studies also show that the style of leadership that will sustain an organization over the years is not necessarily the “big personalities” that build dependent followers, but leaders who are visionary, tenacious, humble and with high integrity. (Ref: Good to Great by Collins)

Strategic leadership development requires more than a one-week training program or even a series of courses. It’s implementing a total system for developing leaders throughout the organization both now and for the future.  

Some of the elements in a systems approach to leadership development are the following:

  • Strategic planning to identify where the organization is headed

  • Identification of the leadership competencies needed to get there

  • Ensuring that the organizations’ performance management system supports the development and implementation of these critical skills

  • Creating a culture that values the skills that are needed for longer term success

  • Providing a variety of experiences such as mentoring, coaching, stretch assignments, as well as courses both internal & external

Interestingly, every organization currently has a “leadership development” program although in most cases it is probably not explicitly defined.  At this very moment, the organization is communicating the value it puts on leadership by the behaviors it rewards, how much time is provided to lead, the emphasis it puts on short term versus long term planning, etc.  The organization may have “a leadership program” that it neither intended nor wants.

The Lieder Consulting Group offers the following products and services:

  • Assessment of the present state of how leaders are developed.

  • Demonstration from research of the importance of leadership development

  • Identification of the competencies needed to meet the future goals

  • Design and development of the “desired” leadership development program

  • Design and delivery of leadership development courses and experiences

  • Management and executive coaching and mentoring