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Organization Development

A key contribution of organization development OD practitioners to executive teams is to provide the perspective of the organization as an integrated, complex system that is connected and/or causally linked to a myriad of other systems equally complex.  These other systems are both internal and external becoming larger as one moves outside the organization to the industry, the community, the economy, the culture, etc. 

The Lieder Consulting Group views the OD discipline as the one that takes the broadest and most integrated view of how organizations function to produce their products or services. Too often, organizations as they grow apply approaches and techniques that are not integrated and, in fact, may work at cross-purposes. OD consultants look at the interconnections of structure, strategies, processes, and people the key factors in organizational effectiveness.

The benefits of engaging OD consultants includes both this systems perspective plus the wide range of knowledge, skills and tools we have to assist organizations in planning and implementing strategies for organizational success. As OD consultants, we come from varied backgrounds with experience and training in applied behavioral science, cultural anthropology, organization behavior, psychology, adult learning, management and human resources.

We have advanced education and degrees, management experience, and worked both internally and as consultants in a variety of organizational settings: public, government, military, private, profit and not-for-profit.

The Lieder Consulting Group offers the following products and services:

  • Appreciative Inquiry

  • Assessment

  • Teambuilding & facilitation

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Strategic Planning

  • Learning Organizations

  • Knowledge Management

  • Coaching

  • Leadership Development

  • Process Consulting

  • Career Development

  • Conflict Management

  • Diversity

  • Organization Design

  • Whole Systems Change

  • Change Management