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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning and design is a method most organizations use, in one form or another, to develop direction and set business performance goals. Yet many organizations do strategic planning and design with no real way to test whether their business structure can actually get them where they want to go. This is a key strategic question that needs to be addressed and answered.

The Lieder Consulting Group helps people identify and work with the complexity of their organizations to ensure strategic success. We begin our strategic planning process with systems thinking. This allows us to look at all the dynamics and causal relationships that may impact the growth of the organization.

With this as our foundation, we look deeply into (using dynamic modeling and simulation) organization alignment and structure to test environmental scanning assumptions, as well as internal policies and parameters for implementing the strategy. New insights gained through this process help clarify and confirm or modify the organizationsí vision and strategic direction.

The modeling and simulation process also identifies high leverage areas and key processes that must be managed over time to achieve success. The metrics for these high leverage intervention points naturally become the true leading indicators for a balanced scorecard. Systems thinking helps operationalize the interdependency mapping and adds a rich dimension to the traditional balanced scorecard approach.

 The Lieder Consulting Group offers the following products and services:

  • Facilitating strategic planning and design forums

  • Systems thinking and dynamic modeling and simulation support

  • Creating balanced scorecards

  • Training and development in all the above