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Team Facilitation

Teams are an essential building block in any organization.  Every individual from the executive level to front line is a member of multiple groups ranging from work units, task forces, process improvement teams to entire departments.  By developing team leader and team member skills, these groups will become high performing resulting in better decision making and higher productivity.

In our experience, most business challenges involve numerous parts of the organization because of their cross-functional nature.  Our team problem-solving methods get the “whole system” involved in discovering “why” things need to change.  We use a systems view to identify the critical parts of the organizations and make sure they are represented on the appropriate teams.  In this way we bring together the requisite authority, power, and influence needed to get the job done.  This helps overcome the first and biggest obstacle, the presentation of change, and builds the team’s level of mutual trust and respect needed for commitment to the project and successful implementation.

Facilitating a team’s ability to see and work across functions is one of our passions.  In our approach, teams learn how to use these processes and team tools themselves so that their successes are repeatable and self-generating.  Our goal is to save time and money for your organization by ensuring effective and efficient teams in the future.

We facilitate in all settings (i.e. off-site, focus groups, meetings, retreats, etc.) for all types of purposes (i.e. strategic planning, process redesign, team problem solving, partnering sessions, long term initiatives, etc.).

The Lieder Consulting Group offers the following products and services:

  • Chartering teams and executive steering groups
  • Facilitation
  • Planning and implementing change
  • Systems thinking
  • Training team leaders and members in team skills
  • Coaching team leaders and team administrators